Festival exhibition

4.1 Exhibitions SOThe Festival-exhibition allows the public a window of opportunity to experience various cultures. Indarte offers creative workshops, art stalls, info booths, storytelling, artisan food, poetry and this in a family friendly setting. Kids can jump into stories, mythology, and folklore from around the globe. To cap it all we will end the exhibition with a beautiful dance performance. Have a look at the festival.

The Member Show starts on the Saturday morning with a morning ritual and continues until Sunday Evening. After the morning ritual the exhibition will be opened to the broader public. The exhibition will display indigenous art, as well as art that tackles the topic of intercultural experiences. The art play and connection during the art camp result in a hybrid form of western and indigenous art, which is a striking manifestation of our aims to have various cultures express themselves and their mutual findings through art. The theme of 2016 is “Food for the Heart”

All art will be available for a fair price. Moreover, buying at our exhibitions means supporting the artists and Indarte, along with the partnering foreign communities. As mentioned before, Indarte encourages artists to apply for a spot in the exhibition.

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Fundraising Exhibition

2 ART PROGRAMSThe fundraising exhibition will offer artwork from supporting and well-known artists: the participants will equally be given an opportunity to amaze the public with their typical style of art, though the art pieces should reflect the theme of the year. The theme of 2016 is “Food for the Heart”

We wish to organize an exhibition during the month of December to welcome our guest for a merry conversation over a glass of wine or juice.

After the exhibition all artwork reproductions will be send as a Christmas card to residents in nursing homes, orphanages and homeless shelters worldwide to make them feel a little bit less lonely during the Holiday Season.

How to join the exhibition

Each year we will have a different theme which reflects the intercultural connection. During the running year, the participants who join the full year program, will receive various artistic assignments of which the entries will be passed on to a jury. All selected works will be displayed and put up for sale during the Festival Exhibition. All non-selected works will be donated to ill children in hospitals in the participating countries, accompanied by information on mission of Indarte and the theme of the year as well as a letter from the artist.

Call for Artists

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