Communication through artistic expression is a fundamental attribute to the Indarte programme. Therefore Indarte offers a series of workshops for business leaders and teams. The workshops aim to be an invigorating experience where participants will ‘grow’ individually or together as team within an organization.

Art of Essence


Self-expression is key to a successful life. This training will be a discovery of the self. Who are you? What are your talents?

You will discover your true values, you will tap into your passions and you will bring out you talents in the most authentic way. Knowing your beliefs systems and your unconscious drive will increase your awareness on the path you will walk towards success.

Art of Connectivity

Art of connectivity

It is in the interactions with others that you can grow and find the source for self-reflection.

The ‘Art of Connectivity’ workshop will provide the essential skills necessary to build long lasting relationships with colleagues, clients and stakeholders. The trust and confidence you can establish through an authentic behaviour, open heart and clear dialogue will ensure long lasting and respectful relationships.

Art of Leadership

Leadership seminar IIIHow do you elevate the level of performance of your team? How do you bend the team dynamics to the synergy one can experience when the sum of 1+1=3?

The third level of the training will give you directions and guidance in developing your leadership style and which style to use when circumstances change. Join this leadership training and discover how you can inspire and encourage others to grow, how you can increase awareness and make your team find mutual grounds for business challenges.

Group Safety

Group safety IVThe participants set the stage for role-modelling. Group members can mirror certain sub-personalities that are normally not observed and which are the ultimate moments to reflect on the own behaviour. A container of shared trust and openness is set which contributes significantly to the personal development of all participants!

New Approach

New approachesWith the business world constantly changing, it is vital that new dynamic approaches to communication are embraced. We offer you a unique training through the medium of art. You will be surprised by the insights art will teach you.

Multicultural leadership

Multicultural training - Marie HayesRespecting and understanding other cultures is at the core of Indarte’s key values and virtues which is why the Multi-Cultural Leadership workshop will provide necessary training and education to utilize these virtues and values.

The Leadership Seminar

Leadership and teamsMulti-Cultural Leadership is a key component to Indarte as it encourages leaders from First Nation Bands and Australian Aboriginals to interact with each other. The leadership seminar that Indarte will host is an excellent platform for leaders from different foreign cultures to congregate and discuss any issues or topics alongside providing a stage for the discussion on art and leadership. Therefore Indarte provides a series of workshops on leaderships topics.

The aim is to have peer groups of leaders discussing business challenges and allow learning from other cultures and fields. In addition to peer group discussions, Indarte will invite Key note speakers to come along and offer lectures on various topics which will depend on the ‘theme of the year’. The ‘theme of the year’ will be decided up by Indarte officials and will be communicated to prospective participants.

One of Indarte’s goals is ‘art education’ which encourages a connection with oneself and with the outer world by expressing the inner knowing in an authentic way, the art of ‘self-mastery’! Therefore the Leadership Seminar is a prolongation of ‘self-mastery’. ‘When one is a good leader for one-self one can be a good leader for others, mastering emotions, intelligent challenges and connecting on a heart level.’