The Indarte Art Camp is a unique opportunity for young adults (aged 12-16) of all abilities and experience to partake in a series of workshops and classes that will assist in the improvement of their artistic ability. Indarte provides an open-minded supporting environment where each individual and all ideas are welcomed.

One of the remarkable aspects of the Indarte Summer Art Camps is that prospective participants do not necessarily need to be artistic. In fact Indarte openly encourages the young adults to experience the beneficial value of creating art in a multi-cultural dimension.

The overall eligibility criteria for the Art Camp is as follows:

  • Aged 12- 16 years old

  • Have an interest in art

  • Be value oriented

  • Be open to various cultures

  • Ready to have an unforgettable experience

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The Indarte Art Camps will be led by artists and art teachers, who will ensure that the young participants will be receiving top quality education and tutorage. A comprehensive list of activities and workshops will be published in due course.

At the end of the Art Camp the work that is produced by the participants will go on display during the three day Art Festival.

The ultimate aim of the Art Camp is to not only to educate participants on art, history and culture but to also to provide a platform for participants to express themselves freely and to open their minds to other virtues, cultures and beliefs. However, the main focus is for participants to have an enjoyable and memorable experience!
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Culture Tour

The Indarte Culture Tour programme is an excellent opportunity to gain a plethora of artistic perspectives. The Culture Tour programme will run once a year and aims to illustrate the ingenuity of ancient artwork by visiting some of Europe’s culture ‘hot spots’ and ‘hidden treasures’.

During the tour participants will be taken to some of Europe’s top museums, art galleries, historical sites, artistic locations and even to some relatively unknown locations which have cultural significance. During this Culture Tour programme students will be given the unique opportunity to attend classes from various artists from a variety of European cities, this is intended to provide those participating with an insight to the world of an artist.

Alternatively we will organise a tour of the Indigenous countries, starting with Canada and Australia.

First Culture Tour: Scotland (2016)

Our Scotland tour offers a wide variety of activities. It’s a perfect blend of cultural, sports, outdoor and wildlife experiences. 

Read all about our first tour here.


The ultimate aim of the three day Festival and Exhibition is to not only to enhance and promote the Indarte Art Camps but to allow the public a window of opportunity to experience various cultures and authentic, innovative art projects. Indarte offers creative workshops, art stalls, info booths, storytelling, artisan food, poetry and this in a family friendly setting. Kids can jump into stories, mythology, and folklore from around the globe.

  • Day 1: Leadership Seminar and vernissage

  • Day 2: Opening ceremony, festivities, art workshops

  • Day 2 & 3: Exhibition, art workshops, dance & theatre performances

  • Day 3: Finnissage


Our cultural guests, VIP sponsors, the participants of the leadership seminar, collectors, curators, artists and members of the press will have the exclusive First View of the the unique art co-created by young adults of various cultures. Indarte aims to attract well-known artists who will donate their art to the Indarte foundation. This art work will be auctioned during the Vernissage prior to the fairs’ opening to the public the following day, though all art will be on display during the entire event.

In combination with a cocktail reception and dinner Indarte gives the invitees ‘a cannot’ miss event and special network opportunity.


The Member Show starts on the Saturday morning with a morning ritual and continues until Sunday Evening. After the morning ritual the exhibition will be opened to the broader public. The fine art work created during the art camp as well as the art from Artists supporting the Indarte mission will be on display throughout the whole Festival.

Kids can jump into stories, mythology, and folklore from around the globe during this interactive gallery program.

Enjoy tasty traditional and local food. Several booths will offer dishes inspired by the flavours and cuisine of the participating cultures.


Three top art works per age category will be announced during the Finissage and the winners will receive a beautiful price. The selection will be done by a jury of art teachers and all the visitors of the Festival will bring out their choice of preference.

The festival will be topped off with a beautiful dance performance.

Contribution to Indarte’s mission

The revenue generated from the Summer Festival will contribute to Indarte’s art camps. The participants of the art week also donate one of their art works to the foundation which will therefore give these young adults a sense of accomplishment by contributing to a higher cause and allowing other children to join the camp.

Heart to heart

To support the healing of children and to brighten up one of their days Indarte will donate the remaining art work to children that are ill and in hospital.

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