Indarte, Indigenous art Expression, fosters intercultural learning and bonding between western and indigenous cultures. Indarte offers new and exciting art programmes that inspire the flourishment of artistic and authentic expression which open the dialogue on cultural diversity.

Indarte was set up in August 2015 and is a non-profit organisation run by a core team, by volunteers and students. We will run the first of a series of art workshops, seminars and exhibitions in 2016.

“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.”
W. Somerset Maugham


Art is the ultimate medium to unite hearts, minds, body’s and souls. Studies reveal that children who participate in art creation outperform “arts-poor” students. Arts provide young people with authentic learning experiences that engage their hearts and minds. Creation strengthens imagination and self-discipline and improvise confidence necessary to meet life’s challenges.

  • Through the discussions of art the youth will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The real learning starts when people interact with each other to answer questions that intrigue them and when they demonstrate what they know. The arts provide rich stories and values for integrated, meaningful, engaging dialogue.

  • To create a greater piece of art all the parts have to work together and this requires a certain knowledge of techniques.

  • Art creates a deeper connection with the heart. Art is an aesthetic creation but when you put emotion, passion and movement in your work, your piece of art can touch peoples heart. Art invites people to go in interaction with the creation, with others, with the theme at hand.

  • Art is an inner process and in the journey of the expression of the self treasure can be detected. Pursuing the thing you want to express brings a message to the viewer.

  • When people express extreme emotion, it’s really beautiful but every work doesn’t have to be that way. It can be work that just makes you smile or feel good.

Christian Schloe

Christian Schloe

The enrichment can be achieved through various channels however the co-creating of art, the sharing of stories, legends and myths can be a particularly broadening experience. Through art we can connect the stories of each individual and their diverse cultures in the world. The programs deepen the wealth of wisdom there is within each culture, creating a connection amongst participants and a sense of world citizenship.

At the heart and core of the Indarte project are the thematic objectives of tolerance, respect and wisdom. These three core values circumvent the message that Indarte wishes to produce. The true enrichment of today’s society can only be achieved through the respect of cultures, the tolerance and understanding of individuals beliefs alongside reassuring one’s personal wisdom.

Parallel to the intercultural dialogue Indarte aims to boost the confidence and authentic self-expression of each individual.

We believe that Indarte will provide those participants an excellent educational opportunity that enriches their lives exponentially.


Indarte’s mission is to create a bond between cultures by organizing entertaining and meaningful art camps for young-adults that allow participants to share their creations, exchange views and values of their various cultures.

The overall objective of the programme is to

  • Create art in all forms and shapes

  • Connect hearts and minds in a friendly and open environment

  • Initiate intercultural dialogue to gain new perspectives

  • Bring more awareness and sharing of global cultural affairs

The workshops combine three educational elements:

  • Appreciating authenticity in expression

  • Creating a safe supporting environment for unlocking talents and personality

  • Deepen bonding by sharing art-expressions and having a memorable time

Teleisha Louise

Teleisha Louise

It is imperative to understand that those wishing to get involved with Indarte do not necessarily need to be an artist but merely possess the drive, enthusiasm for art, cultural exchange, self-improvement and overall having fun!


Indarte believes in six values that are essential for the educational progress of the individual. These six values are:



It is vital that those who participate in Indarte have fun! Humour and laughter create the chemical feel-good endorphins and lighten the body and spirit.


1.3 Value Innovation

To produce truly unique and authentic pieces of art, Indarte aims to create an open environment that looks to encourage pure innovation. We believe that creating ‘crazy’ ideas is fundamentally the best way to get the creative juices flowing!


1.3 Value Community - I

The art programmes give young adults a sense of belonging and acceptance. To explore the self through art creation in the context of social intercultural relationships brings awareness of one’s own perspectives.


1.3 Boeddha respect

To foster cultural understanding one must deeply respect others. The art interactions require those participating to respect and recognize that each person is unique.

Open hearts & minds

Paulo Zerbato

We embrace receptiveness to new ideas and relate to a relativistic way of thinking rather than scientific instruction. An open mind set is a personal attribute for participants and is of great benefit for their education and professional career.


1.3 Value Discipline - Cat

Indarte believes a code of conduct and alignment of motivation with a congruent behaviour for the students will contribute to self-control and will bring out the best of their talents.